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Luftio is a data-driven air quality monitoring system, that helps companies improve their workspace and make their employees healthier and also more productive.

Why is air quality important?

Room air quality (temperature, CO2 and other hazardous substances, humidity levels) has a clear impact on our health, work efficiency, cognitive function, the spread of infectious viruses and the feeling of happiness.

We spend up to 90% of our time in closed rooms with degraded air quality. The situation is deteriorating – thanks to modern, insulated, low-cost buildings with limited air ventilation, as well as the use of an increasing number of synthetic building materials, furniture, cleaning products, etc.


What will the measurement bring you?


You will be more productive

Reduced concentrations of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and VOC (volatile organic compounds) boost cognitive function by more than 101%. [1]

Healthier working conditions

Better air quality will also ensure fewer health problems. Air humidity lower than 40%significantly reduce the infectivity of aerosolized viruses. [2]

Satisfied employees

A survey of 11,000 employees across Europe found that most employees wanted cleanliness, comfort and safety in their workspace. [3]

How it works

1. We make an appointment

After filling out the form here, we will get back to you immediately and arrange an online or offline meeting. We will discuss your wishes and needs together.

2. We will design a solution

Based on the initial analysis, we will consider the appropriate number of sensors and user accounts. We will also prepare for you the best possible solution that suits your needs.

3. We supply sensors

We will produce, set up and deliver everything for you. All you have to do is plug the Luftio into electricity, connect it to the application, place it in the company premises and you’re done.

We are here for everyone


He can also connect to Luftio via the mobile application, monitor the air quality at his workplace. He will be more productive, healthier and happier.

Company management

All data from Luftio is automatically evaluated and management can then see it through graphs, statistics and reports in a web or mobile application, or, for example, every Monday in an email.

What we measure





Try our app!

Monitor your airquality using our application. Thanks to it, you have a complete overview of everything that happens. You can react to changes in real time or browse your data in history.

Do you need to reduce the light intensity of the box, as it interferes with your work? We thought of that too. The light can be fully controlled and it is even possible to turn on the lamp mode.

You need a Luftio box to get the most out of the app.

But if you don’t have the box yet, you can try it on the left on the interactive screen.

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How it all started

It was March 2020 and the time of the coronavirus crisis. During this period, three students said that they were investing time meaningfully and would begin to fulfill their dream. Dream of doing business while helping. The Luftio was born, a revolutionary room air quality measurement system that gives people better air, healthier and happier lives.

Our work fills us and thanks to you we get up every day into a new day with joy, a desire to keep moving and help further.

The very beginning

March 2020


7-member team

May 2020


First customers

November 2020

We care about nature

Really. We are very burdened by global warming and the general unsustainability of current society.

We decided to change. We have changed direction – we have been building the Luftio as sustainable as possible from the beginning. The box is printed on a 3D printer from the Czech Republic powered by renewable electricity, the material is more than 80% recycled plastic, we pack Luftio in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, we work as much online as possible, remote.

We think about every process, every activity in Luftio – is it sustainable? Aren’t we wasting?

Luftio box

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of sensors and services?

The price is individual and will depend on the number of required sensors and the level of data evaluation. If you would like to find out what the price would be, please fill out this form.

How is the data evaluated?

Luftio measures room air quality using CO2, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. The data is then evaluated using machine learning models and management proposes solutions tailored to your situation (e.g. starting air conditioning, ventilation, etc.)

How difficult is the installation of sensors? Can we do it by ourselves?

Yes, installation is easy. We will send the ordered sensors to the company, just plug them in, create user accounts and you’re done.

Is it possible to try Luftio for free?

Yes, if you are interested, we can lend you 1 sensor for a month to your company completely free of charge. If you are satisfied, we can then agree on cooperation.

How do you address sustainability in practice?

The box is printed on a Czech 3D printer powered by renewable electricity. The filament is from a Czech company and it consist from more than 80% of recycled plastics. We think about all the internal processes and try to make them as sustainable as possible.

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